India-Denmark sign Memorandum of Understanding on Intellectual Property Cooperation

On September 26, 2020, the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) and Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs signed Memorandum of Understanding on Intellectual Property Cooperation.


The countries signed the agreement on the following

  • To exchange experiences, best practices and knowledge of IP awareness among businesses, public, research and educational institution of both countries
  • The countries will collaborate in training programmes, technical exchanges, exchange of experts and outreach activities.
  • Also, they will exchange information about the process of disposal of applications for patents, industrial designs, trademarks and Geographical Indications
  • The countries will cooperate in the implementation of projects, information systems in IP and procedures to manage IP.
  • The countries will cooperate and understand how traditional knowledge is protected.


The countries have also decided to draw a biennial Work Plan to implement the agreement. The agreement is considered as a landmark step of GoI in implementing its National IPR Policy, 2016

National IPR Policy, 2016

It was adopted in 2016 under the call “Creative India; Innovative India”. It aims at IPR awareness, human capital development, Commercialization of IPR, legal and legislative frameworks, generation of IPR, enforcement and adjudication.

Global Innovation Index

India ranked 81st in Global Innovation Index that was issued by World International Property Organization.


India is a member of WTO (World Trade Organization) and is a signatory of TRIPS that operates under WTO. TRIPS is Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property. India is also a signatory of WIPO. India has signed several treaties administered by WIPO. Some of them are

  • Budapest Treaty: Patent procedures
  • Paris Convention: Protection of Industrial Property
  • Berne Convention: Protection of Artistic works
  • Washington Treaty: Intellectual Property
  • Marrakesh Treaty: To access published works by visually impaired persons
  • Nairobi Treaty: To protect Olympic Symbol




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