India and China discuss ways to counter terror in Afghanistan

India and China shared views on the ways to cooperate each other in Beijing (China), in order to counter the terror situation in Afghanistan, as it is predicted that the Taliban and Al Qaeda militant groups might make an attempt to re-enter the state subsequent to the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan in 2014.
US has already announced its plans to withdraw most of its 66,000 troops in Afghanistan, leaving only a small US force which will train Afghan forces.
Thus, India and China discussed initiatives by China, India and Russia to deal with critical situation emerging.
What are the concerns for China?

  • China has its $3 billion invested in resource-rich Afghanistan.
  • China is also worried about the tenuous security situation in Xinjiang, the Muslim Uygur dominated province where East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) is agitating a separatist movement.

What are the concerns for India?

  • India fears the consequences of a destabilized Afghanistan on the situation in Kashmir.



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