Gender Diversity Report 2019

The Gender Diversity Report 2019 was released as a part of the India Skills Report 2019.

What percentage of Women work globally?

  • 79.9% of women in Nepal work, the highest percentage of women working in the world in a country, followed by 63.90% in China and 57.40% in Bangladesh.
  • 56.30% of women work in the United States of America, while 27% of women work in India.

Participation of Women in India: In 2019: 75% men and 25% women as compared to 23% women and 77% men in 2018.

  • In Rural India: 67% of women graduates do not work.
  • In Urban India: 68.3% of women graduates do not have paid jobs.
  • Overall Women’s employability in India is at 45.6%.
  • Domains with most employable women in India: B.A 80%, B.Com 70.02%, B.Sc 69.47%, B.Pharma 65.05% , MBA 52.04%, B.Tech/B.E-44.4%.

Indian Economy can grow at the rate of 9% to 10% if there is gender parity in the country, and the share of women workforce is increased to 48% from the current 24%.



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