Fresh life to Buddha Nullah

The Punjab Government has directed for the timely completion of the Budah Nallah project within two years. The Buddha Nullah is located at Ludhiana. It is one of the most polluted canals. It has a total length of 47.55 km, of which 14 km passes through Ludhiana city. It has posed a major contributor to pollution in the area.

The Local Government has approved a sum of Rs.650 crores for the project. The allocation will be as follows: Rs.342 crore will be contributed by the Punjab state government, Rs.208 crore will be contributed by the government of India and Rs.100 crore by the private operators. The project will be implemented in phases. The first phase of the mission will be augmentation and refurbishment of dairy effluent treatment, sewage treatment facility, survey to find out missing links for industrial effluent and laying of dedicated conveyance system for industrial wastewater to carry the same to Common Effluent Treatment Plant would be executed. In another phase will include reuse of treated effluent, and landscaping & beautification along the Buddha Nallah will be undertaken.



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