Free Online Career Skills Training under National Career Service Project

The Ministry of Labour and Employment is to provide Career Skills Training under its National Career Service Project in partnership with TCS.


The National Career Service Project will provide employment related services to career counselling, job matching, vocational guidance, job search, information on skill development courses, etc. Around 1000 employment exchanges are integrated with NCS. This includes 200 model career centres as well.

Currently, a new link for work from home has also been added.

The NCS also offers functions to create video profiles of job seekers. This platform helps the job seekers to showcase their ability through short videos.

National Career Service

The National Career Service mainly works to bridge gaps between the people searching for jobs and those that hire them. It mainly aims to reach out to the youth that are in search of employment.

The NCS also offers counselling from trained professional. They will act as a guide in job seeking.




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