FactsBox: First Automated RT-PCR machine

The Pune-based molecular diagnostics enterprise Mylab has launched “Compact XL”. It is the first fully automated machine in India to perform molecular diagnostic tests including RT-PCR for COVID-19.


The Compact XL machine will automate lab processes starting from sample handling to preparing RT-PCR ready tubes. The machine is cartridge-based and can test multiple samples at the same time. It can be used in wide range of DNA/RNA based tests including RT-PCR.

The machine can take various sample types such as tissue, plasma, swabs and sputum. It will replace the need of 700 square feet of lab with 4 x3 benchtop. Also, the number of experts required to conduct the test has been reduced to just one from 3-4. This saves operational costs of the labs.


The Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction is a technique combining reverse transcription of RNA into DNA. The test is primarily used to measure the amount of RNA.




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