Om: CSIR-CDRI RT-PCR kit for Omicron Variant

The scientists from ‘CSIR – Central Drug Research Institute’ have developed an indigenous RT-PCR kit called ‘Om’. This kit will be used to test the omicron variant. Highlights Om kit is the first kit developed by any government institution for ..



IIT-D develops test to detect Omicron in 90 min

Researchers from IIT Delhi’s Kusuma School of Biological Sciences have developed an RT-PCR based test, that can detect Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 in 90 minutes. Key Points The test is based on detecting specific mutations, which are present in Omicron ..


Fully-vaccinated people don’t need RT-PCR report for travelling

According to a notification of Central government, RT-PCR report is not mandatory for the people who have received both doses of covid-19 vaccines to travel across states. Key Points National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (NTAGI) had notified in May ..


What is Dipcovan?

Dipcovan is a Covid-19 antibody detection kit announced by DRDO on May 21, 2021. Here are most important questions & answers about same: What is Dipcovan? Dipcovan or DIPAS-VDx COVID 19 IgG Antibody Microwell ELISA is an antibody detection-based kit ..


SPOT (Scalable and Portable Testing)-New COVID-19 Saliva Test invented using RT-LAMP Technology

The US scientists has invented a new COVID-19 Saliva Testing method called SPOT. SPOT is Scalable and Portable Testing. About SPOT SPOT was invented by a research team from the Carle Illinois College of Medicine. The SPOT gives COVID-19 test ..


Ayush 64 to be distributed freely

The Ministry of AYUSH recently announced that Ayush-64 will be available free of cost for mild, moderate asymptomatic patients in Delhi. The representatives or patients can visit these centres with Aadhar card and a soft or hard copy of RT-PCR ..