Zydus drug Virafin gets DCGI nod

The Drug Controller General of India recently provided “Restricted Emergency Use Approval” for the use of “Virafin”. Virafin is used to treat Hepatitis B and C. Now it is to be used to treat moderate COVID-19 infections.

About Virafin

  • A single dose of Virafin during the early stage of infection, will help COVID-19 patients recover faster. Also, it will help to avoid complications.
  • It will help to reduce the need for oxygen support.
  • Virafin improves recovery time in moderate cases of COVID-19.
  • According to Zydus 91.15% of adult patients treated with Virafin tested negative using RT-PCR in seven days.

Zydus is also working on COVID-19 Vaccine ZyCoV-D.


It is a DNA plasmid-based vaccine. In January 2021, the DGCI provided permission to conduct the Phase III trials of the vaccine. The trials are expected to be completed by May 2021.

DNA Vaccine

It is a type of vaccine that is produced by transfecting antigen-coded DNA sequence into immunised cells. Transfection is the process of introducing purified nucleic acids into Eukaryotic cells.


Eukaryotes are organisms whose cell nucleus are enclosed in a nuclear envelope (called the nuclear membrane). On the other hand, prokaryotes are organisms that lack nuclear membrane around their nucleus.


Antigen is a toxin or foreign substance that induces an immune response in the body. These responses are usually in form of antibodies.

Drug Controller General of India

  • The DCGI is the head of the Central Drugs Control Organisation.
  • DGCI regulates medical and pharmaceutical devices.
  • The DGCI establishes standards for manufacturing, import, sales and distribution of drugs in India.
  • He makes sure if there is uniformity in the implementation of Drugs and Cosmetics Act.
  • He issued licenses or medical devices that fall under Medical Devices Rules, 2017.


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