Emergency Use Permission to Sputnik Light

The Drugs controller General of India recently granted Emergency Use Permission to Sputnik light COVID-19 vaccine. The expert panel of the central drug authority had recommended this. With this sputnik light becomes the ninth COVID – 19 vaccine in the country.

Sputnik light

It is same as that of Sputnik – V vaccine.  Dr Reddy’s laboratory has submitted a proposal to import and distribute Sputnik light in the country. Sputnik light is currently used in 29 countries. This includes Argentina and Russia. The Reports from Russia has showed that the efficiency of sputnik light is 65.4%.

Key facts about Sputnik Light

It is a booster shot. Booster shot means another dose of vaccine. This dose is provided when the immunity against the disease dwindles. The first dose of a vaccine primes the human body. The second dose boosts the immune system. Booster dose is provided when the immune system starts to lose memory against the virus over time.

When do vaccines need boosters?

It is still unclear why some vaccines need boosters and some do not. Some vaccines like hepatitis are effective for life. Other like tetanus and COVID requires booster shots. The boosters are administered after evaluating the amount of antibodies in the body. If the antibodies are high, then there is no need for booster shots.

Arthus condition

If a patient receives booster shots but already has high level of antibodies, he develops a condition called Arthus reaction. This condition is developed by the increased levels of IgG antibodies. Patients develop inflammation in such conditions. However, the condition heals by itself. There is nothing to panic about the condition.

Other diseases

The other vaccines that require booster doses are polio boosters, whooping cough booster. Polio boosters are administered after six months of the primer vaccine shots. Tetanus booster doses are administered after ten years. Whooping cough booster doses called Tdap are administered after ten years.



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