Facebook awarded $21 million to Indian app developers under FbStart initiative

On 11 August the social network giant Facebook doled out 21 million US dollar to Indian app developers under its FbStart initiative.
With an aim to attract next billion Internet users towards social networking, last year Facebook launched FbStart an initiative to promote and help new mobile app developers around the world.
The two Indian entrants Hyderabad-based Samosa and Delhi’s Cardback received the 21 billion US dollars under this initiative.
Few facts:

  • The Hyderabad-based Samosa had developed an app that offers a curated collection of clips from popular movies that people can share with friends.
  • The Delhi- based Cardback developed an app that helps cardholders and wallet users identify the best ways to pay and maximise their rewards and savings for every transaction they make.
  • Under FbStart, Facebook provides software and tools worth $80,000 and $30,000 respectively to app developers.
  • FbStart was organised in Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and India in Asia-Pacific region. Facebook has more than 1,000 members as part of the FbStart programme in Asia.



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