EU Top slots refreshed

In a growing atmosphere of uncertainty and war in Ukraine, economic crisis and an unstable middle-east, EU has made its choice of the new faces for the topmost posts in the collaboration. EU has picked Polish PM Donald Tusk as its new President and Italian foreign minister Federica Mogherini as the chief diplomat.
Russian military build-up in Ukrainian territory has sparked strong reactions from EU and NATO. The West has always supported the Ukrainian viewpoint of the Russians backing the rebels in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Putin, although has remained defiant, but was seen congratulating the rebels on social media a few days back for their resistance to the Ukrainian military.
Tusk, the new EU President has come out with strong words for the stubborn Russian response to international calls of putting an end to the aggression. Tusk made clear that with increasing gravity of the situation and the economic woes, individual national interests will rule major decisions. The European leaders have a mixed response towards the issue of sanctions against Russia. Some like Lithuania are seeking tough measures to be exercised whereas others like Austria have referred to sanctions being the last resort if the crisis sinks to new lows and reaches a point of no return. Tusk, a conservative from the east and Mogherini, a socialist from the south are expected to bring new energy to EU and share the right synergy for the development of all.



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