EU ministers approve ratification of Paris climate Agreement

The European Union (EU) ministers have approved the ratification of Paris Agreement (on Climate Change). This decision brings the Paris Agreement closer to entering into force.
Once approved by the European Parliament, the EU deposit its ratification instrument before national ratification processes which are completed in each member state. As of now, only 5 EU nations have ratified the agreement at the national level.

  • The 28 EU member nations together account for close to 12% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • The addition of EU will take the cumulative emissions of ratifying parties of the agreement well beyond the 55% minimum required for the treaty to enter into force.
  • The Paris Agreement has been already crossed the first condition of 55 countries ratifying the treaty to enable its entry into force.
  • As of now, 61 countries, accounting for almost 48% of global GHG emissions have ratified the deal.
  • India, which accounts for 4.1% of global GHG emission also has agreed to ratify it on October 2, 2016.
  • Together with the EU, total global GHG emissions covered by ratifying parties will make the treaty ready to enter into force.



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