E-Commerce Giants: Flipkart suspends services, Amazon stops taking new orders

The E-Commerce Giants Flipkart and Amazon has temporarily stopped their services in India following lock down in the country.


While Flipkart has suspended its services completely, Amazon is to follow on pending orders alone. It will temporarily stop taking new orders. All the grocery deliveries are also to be suspended.

The Government entities working with essential services are to continue working despite the lock down according to the Guidelines issued by Home Ministry.


Today around 40% of the Indian Population uses E-Commerce sites to make their purchases. India has the second largest user base in the world after China. The E-Commerce market in India has grown from 3.9 billion USD in 2009 to 38.5 billion USD in 2018.

India has always been cautious in promoting its local and small traders. Today in the scenario of Lock Down in the country, local farmers, vendors and small traders have permission to supply essential goods. On the other hand, though no separate rules were imposed over these E-Commerce, they are unable to continue their supply due to transport restrictions.




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