Draft Regional Plan-2041 approved

The Draft Regional Plan-2041 was approved by the NCR Planning Board on October 12, 2021. Government has planned to submit the ‘final version of Regional Plan-2041’ by end of March 2022.

Highlights of the plan

  • The Draft Regional Plan-2041 paves the way for a future-ready and slum-free National Capital Region (NCR) comprising of facilities like air ambulance, high-speed connectivity by means of rail, road, Heli taxis, and inland waterways.
  • This plan puts special impetus on 30-minute connectivity by means of super-fast trains within major cities of NCR.
  • It also proposes to explore feasibility of 30-minute Mass Transit Rail System (MTRS) from boundaries of NCR to Delhi.
  • The plan seeks to make NCR a smart connected region by improving connectivity using bullet trains, smart roads, helitaxi services.
  • It will evolve the region into an economically prosperous region comprising of citizen centric harmonious infrastructure.
  • It also proposes to promote electric mobility infrastructure.
  • It laid emphasis on circular economy of water & air quality improvements, improving environment conservation.

Major initiatives under the draft plan

Under the draft plan, major initiatives include urban regeneration, slum-free NCR, 24 hours air ambulance, ease of living, Swachh & Smart NCR.

Why this plan was drafted?

The draft plan was drafted because it is necessary to minimise the journey times and limit travel times across NCR under 30-minutes through superfast trains & heli taxi services, under 60 minutes through other trains and 2 to 3 hours by car. Furthermore, there is a need to ease out traffic congestions and create more integrated, accessible, user-centric and affordable transportation system.

Which states are covered under the plan?

Under the NCRPB plan, Delhi, two districts of Rajasthan, eight districts of Uttar Pradesh and 14 districts of Haryana are covered. In all, it covers an area of around 55,083 square kilometres.




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