DCC clears Satellite Connectivity in Telecom Networks

Digital Communications Commission (DCC) has cleared a provision of using satellite connectivity in telecom networks in accordance with TRAI recommendations.


  • Satellite connectivity will be used through VSAT terminal in order to provide services in remote areas as it is difficult to lay optical fibre network there.
  • DCC also cleared Request for Proposal (RFP) to rollout BharatNet project for broadband services in villages in 16 states in public private partnership mode.
  • BharatNet project was cleared with viability gap funding of Rs 19,041 crore.

Significance of the move

Satellite connectivity in telecom networks will help telecom companies in providing services to flung areas.

Digital Communications Commission (DCC)

DCC was earlier called as ‘Telecom Commission’. It was set up by Government of India on April 11, 1989. It has been given administrative and financial powers to deal with several aspects of Telecommunications. Telecom Commission was redesignated as DCC on October 22, 2018.

Members of DCC

DCC comprises of,

  1. A Chairman, who is Secretary to Government of India in Department of Telecommunications.
  2. Four full time members viz., Member (Finance), Member (Production), Member (Services) & Member (Technology). These members are ex-officio Secretaries to Government of India in Telecommunications department.
  3. Four part time members viz., Chief Executive Officer, NITI Aayog, Secretary (Department of Economic Affairs), Secretary (Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion) and Secretary (Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology).

Function of DCC

DCC is involved in formulating policy & preparing budget for each financial year and getting it approved by Government. It also implements Government’s policy in all matters of telecommunication.


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