Delhi Government releases blueprint for Odd-Even formula

Delhi government has released a detailed blueprint for its ambitious Odd-Even formula for road-rationing plan to check pollution in the national capital.
The Odd-Even formula plan seeks to curb the number of vehicles plying in the national capital by limiting four-wheelers on alternate days.
To ensure effective implementation of the plan, Delhi government is planning to deploy 10,000 volunteers around the city.
Key facts

  • Under it cars with licence plates ending in an odd number will ply on odd dates and those ending with an even number can run on even dates.
  • The odd-even scheme will be on a trial basis from 1 to 15 January, 2015. It will be between 8am and 8pm and on Sunday no restrictions are applied. The penalty in case of a violation is Rs. 2,000.
  • During this implementation, public transport including buses and the Metro will be run at high frequency. Residents are being urged to carpool in order to reduce pressure on public transport.
  • The government plans to run 6,000 more buses to accommodate those who can’t drive their cars.
  • Exemptions: The list of 20-plus exemptions from the restrictions include emergency vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, hospitals, hearses, prisons, VIPs, enforcement vehicles and defence ministry vehicles.
  • Among VIPs, leaders of the opposition in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, Chief Ministers of states, Judges of the Supreme Court and high court and Lokayukta are exempt.
  • CNG and electric vehicles are also exempt. Two-wheelers and Vehicles driven by or occupied by handicapped persons and Female driver are also exempt.
  • Outstation vehicles including those coming from the National Capital Region (NCR) have not been exempted from the scheme.

Such odd-even scheme has been implemented include Paris (France), Beijing (China) and Mexico City (Mexico). However from their experience it is seen that right way to approach the problem of pollution is to strengthen public transport and last-mile connectivity.



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