Delhi: Delhi Geographical Spatial Data Infrastructure Act 2011

Under the Delhi Geographical Spatial Data Infrastructure Act 2011, which is supposed to be implemented from November 15, 2011, all state departments and civic agencies have to mandatorily access, use and share information on all projects and update Delhi’s spatial database. This database, which is an interconnected 3D global information system, captures the demographics of the capital and utilities like stormwater drains, sewer lines, roads, infrastructure and urban planning projects through secured communication networks. Its being implemeted by the Geospatial Delhi Limited, headed by chief secretary of Delhi as its chairman.

How will it work?

Each department and civic agency will have a dedicated section where the database can be accessed and updated. “For example, if the PWD is making a road, the status of the project must appear on the database and on a monthly basis, the status will have to be updated. This will not only help track a project and prevent delays but also help other agencies planning utilities to coordinate their processes.

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