Covid-19 infections will hit 20 million this week:WHO

The World Health Organization has estimated that the total number of infected patients of the deadly COVID 19 disease will hit the 20 million mark within this week and that includes around 7.5 lakh deaths, so far, due to this pandemic. The WHO Director-General has also stated that there would be green shoots also very soon in the world with respect to this pandemic situation.

What did WHO say?

WHO has advised new strategies for combating this deadly virus and it also urged all the leaders to step up and take appropriate action in their respective countries. The citizens also have the responsibility to embrace the new measures put in place. The example of New Zealand should be observed as the country has not observed any infection in the last 100 days.

What is the status of COVID 19 in the world?

In the world, the number of infected patients is going to breach the 20 million-mark very soon. USA leads the tally in the number of COVID 19 cases with more than 52 lakh cases being reported from the most developed economy of the country out of which 1.65 lakh persons have died also. Brazil has been placed in the second position since the country has reported more than 30 lakh patients with deaths reaching around 1.01 lakhs. India has climbed up to the third position now in terms of infected patients as around 22.66 lakhs patients are affected due to this but the death count is only 45352. This shows the low mortality rate of the disease in the country.




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