Chinese-Belgian-British Writer Han Suyin passed away

Elizabeth Comber (Han Suyin) passed away.

Elizabeth Comber who was also know by her pen name “Han Suyin”, a Chinese-imageBelgian British author who came up as among the most influential voices that served as a link b/w China and the West in the 20th century , passed away.  Han had also served an ambassador for China-India relations after her marriage to an Indian colonel, Vincent Ratnaswamy. Han wrote in English and French. She was best known for her 1952 novel “A Many-Splendored Thing”.  It inspired Hollywood movie Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing”. The film won 3 Oscars at 1956 academy awards. She became widely known after shestirred up controversy with her hagiographic view of China’s Cultural Revolution.

Han Suyin funded the Chinese Writers Association to create the "National Rainbow Award for Best Literary Translation" (which is now the Lu Xun Literary Award for Best Literary Translation) to help develop literature translation in China. She also set up “Han Suyin Award for Young Translators” which is sponsored by the China International Publishing Group.



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