China hosts 1st BRICS media summit

China hosted the first Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (BRICS) media summit in Beijing for creating an alternative media platform for the 5 emerging economies.
25 media organisations participated in the 2 day summit which aimed to create a new institutional framework to benefit the media of five emerging economies of BRICS grouping.
Key facts

  • China’s Xinhua news agency is the initiator of the project which adds one more dimension to the BRICS format.
  • It was organised in collaboration with The Hindu group of publications, Russia Today International News Agency, the Brazil Communication Company and South Africa’s Independent Media.
  • The summit proposed the formation of a BRICS Media Foundation for supporting and protecting journalists belonging to the grouping.

In the first summit, leaders of 25 Media organisations from the 5 BRICS countries pitched for building consensus to deal with climate change, terrorism,and other key global issues.



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