China has most Diplomatic Posts around the World

The Global Diplomacy Index 2019 report by the Sydney based Lowy Institute has ranked the People’s Republic of China at the top of the Index with 276 diplomatic posts globally.

According to the index, China with 8 UN permanent Missions has a total of 169 Embassies/High Commissions, 96 Consulates/Consulates-General around the world.


The United States of America with 273 diplomatic posts, 168 Embassies/High Commissions, 88 Consulates/Consulates-General and 8 UN permanent missions have been ranked second in the Index.

France with 161 Embassies/High Commissions, 89 Consulates/Consulates-General and 15 UN permanent Mission makes the top 3 places in the Index ranking, followed by 4th-Japan, 5th- Russia, 6th-Turkey, 7th-Germany, and Brazil at 8th place.

The United Kingdom has been ranked at 11th place in the Index.


India has been ranked 12th in the Index rankings, ahead of South Korea on 13th, Argentina at 14th, and Mexico on 15th.

Other Important nations in the Index ranking are Canada at 18th, Indonesia at 21st, South Africa on 25th, Australia at 27th and Saudi Arabia at the 30th place.

Among Indian neighbors, Pakistan is place 28th, Bangladesh at 44th, Sri Lanka at 46th, Myanmar at 53rd, Nepal at 56th and Bhutan making the final 61st place in the Index ranking.



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