China conducts fourth test of Wu-14 nuclear delivery hypersonic vehicle

China has conducted the fourth successful test of a new Wu-14 hypersonic strike vehicle which is capable of delivering nuclear weapons.
The test was conducted on 7 June 2015 and the vehicle launched atop a ballistic missile fired from a test facility in western China.
The vehicle has ability to executed extreme maneuvers that may be able to render US anti-missile defense systems obsolete.
This test was the fourth test in past 18 months. Previous tests were conducted in year 2014 in the months of January, August and December.
The Wu-14 is capable to travel in high altitude in the atmosphere on the edge of space. It can carry nuclear or conventional warheads. The high-tech vehicle can travel at speeds of up to 10 times the speed of sound i.e. around 7,680 miles per hour.



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