Centre extends support to States to setup Grain Testing Laboratories

The Accelerated Pulse Production Programme (A3P) commences in the Kutch district in Gujarat

  • Programme is under the National Food Security Scheme
  • In first phase of the scheme, 3000 hectares of land will be cultivated for pulses production
  • Under this scheme, a series of Training Programmes for the farmers have also been organized


  • To present plant nutrient and plant protection centric improved technologies and management practices in compact blocks covering large area for 5 key pulse crops for increasing production and productivity of these crops:
  1. Arhar (red gram/pigeon pea)
  2. Gram
  3. Masoor (lentils)
  4. Moong (green gram )
  5. Urad (black gram)
  • Raising the production and productivity of pulse crops by the participating farmers
  • Encourage other farmers in the abutting areas to adopt these technologies.

This is for the first time the farmers of this arid region have been promoted for pulses farming.




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