Canada, US, Mexico ink MoU to Cooperate on Climate Change  

Canada, United States (US) and Mexico have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Climate Change and Energy Collaboration to tap into energy cooperation among three countries.
The MoU was signed at the North American Energy Ministers Meeting held in Winnipeg, Canada and hosted by Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources Jim Carr.
Key facts

  • This energy cooperation MoU reflects shared vision of three North American countries for a future where an expanding clean energy sector, a sustainable environment.
  • Under the MoU, the three countries will collaborate and share information in key areas such as clean energy technologies, low-carbon electricity and energy efficiency.
  • They will also share information in areas like carbon capture, climate change adaptation, use and storage and reducing emissions from the oil and gas sector including from methane (CH4).
  • They will also work together to increase policy alignment and ensure that North American energy sector is developed effectively, efficiently and responsibly.

During the meeting, the three ministers also discussed the importance of trilateral cooperation and continental approach to energy. They also launched a web platform featuring new energy maps. These maps for the first time depict North American energy resources, production and infrastructure in a single place.



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