Birth of New Planets witnessed first time in human history

The SPHERE instrument of the Very Large Telescope has captured the birth of new planet in the AB Aurigae star system recently. This is the first time in human history the birth of a star is being witnessed.


The birth of the new star was depicted by the European Southern Observatory. The image depicts orange mass of gas. The mass showing the cosmic matter of the universe at gravitational tipping point is exactly the sign for a star system to be born.

The spiral formation was captured by the telescope as well. The formation confirms the presence of a baby planet.

About Very Large Telescope

Very Large Telescope, also called VLT is located in European Southern Observatory, northern Chile. It consists of four telescopes. They are generally used separately. However, when used together gives the highest resolution.

The VLT operates at Infrared wavelength. The telescope is capable of detecting objects four billion times fainter than it can be detected with naked eye.




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