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NASA takes Chandrayaan’s Water Discovery to a step higher

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA has found the presence of water on the sun lit surface of the Moon. The presence of water was found by the spacecraft SOFIA. Earlier, ISRO Chandrayaan 1 confirmed the presence of water in the shadowed places of moon. Thus, NASA has taken the discovery of water on ..

NATO to set up new Space Centre in Ramstein, Germany

The North Atlantic Treaty organisation is to setup a new Space Centre in Ramstein, Germany. The centre is to serve as a co-ordination Centre for space observation. Highlights The new Centre will gather information about possible threats to satellites. The centre is to be developed into a command centre of defensive measures in near future. ..

Rajeev Gauba Panel set up to streamline Spectrum Allocation

The Government of India has constituted a panel under the cabinet secretary Rajiv Gauba to streamline telecom spectrum allocation. The panel has been constituted with secretaries of railways, defence, home, telecom, department of space and Information and Broadcasting. Highlights The spectrum auction had been held by GoI for six times. They are 2010, 2012-16. However, ..

Super Earth Discovered

The Astronomers at the University of Gottingen detected a system of super earth planets. The planets are orbiting a near by star Gliese 887. It is the brightest red dwarf star in the sky. About the discovery The Super earth discovered is close to the habitable zone of the red dwarf. Based on its proximity ..

Cryogenic Rocket Engine Technology

A cryogenic rocket engine uses a cryogenic fuel or oxidizer which are both liquefied and stored at very low (cryo) temperatures. This increases the density of the fuel and simplifies tankage. Why is a cryogenic engine used? In a cryogenic engine, the rocket propellants and oxidizers are cooled sufficiently and exist in the liquid phase ..