“Akron”: Indian-American owned firm developing zero pressure tyre for US army

Screenshot_2An Indian-American owned engineering firm, Akron (Ohio-based American Engineering Group (AEG)) has received a $1 million Phase-II project grant from the US Department of Defense to develop tyres that will continue running even after being shredded by roadside bombs or gunfire.

  • An Indian-American engineer Mr. Abraham Pannikottu is developing a unique carbon fibre hoop design zero pressure tyre for the US military that could keep military vehicles to run faster and longer after an attack.
  • His group is also working on new innovative products viz. US national football league helmet and implantable cost-effective titanium hip and knee.
  • The company has patents pending for the Zero Pressure tyre technology.

AEG Zero Pressure tyres will:

  • Continue to run even after being shredded by roadside bombs or gunfire.
  • Withstand a minimum of 50 mph speeds for 300 miles once it’s punctured.
  • Work better at carrying heavier loads and can quickly move soldiers out of dangerous way.
  • The AEG prototype dissipates heat and has the tyre flexibility and strength to support the heavy military pick-up weight while providing a relatively smooth ride.

Note: In 2006, Pentagon honoured Mr. Abraham Pannikottu and his group for designing an airless tyre for the Stryker armoured vehicle. This award was for exceptional performance that exemplifies the goal of bringing innovative technologies to the soldier.