“COVSACK” developed by DRDO to combat COVID-19

The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has developed COVSACK to receive samples from COVID-19 infected patients. The COVSACK is COVID-19 Sample Collection Kiosk.


The COVSACK was developed by consulting doctors in Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC).


A patient walks into the Kiosk cabin and a health care professional from outside the cabin collects samples with oral swabs. After the patient leaves the cabin, four nozzle sprayers spray disinfectants mist for around 70 seconds. Further, the cabin is flushed with water and UV light.


The system is ready in less than 2 minutes for the next use. The cost of COVSACK is around Rs 1 lakh. There is no involvement of manual disinfection in the entire process. Therefore, the system is safe to use.

Currently, a medical professional from outside flushes the system with disinfectant. This puts him under a vulnerable position.


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