COVID-19: New Technology to Disinfect Maharashtra Hospitals under “NIDHI PRAYAS” Programme

A new technology has been adopted by the Maharashtra hospitals in the fight of COVID-19 fight. The technology was developed by a Pune based Start Up.

What is the product?

The product developed is a Negative Ion Generator. It has been named “Scitech Airon”. It helps to control bacteria, virus and fungal infections. The product disinfects areas that were exposed to infections thereby it ensures well being of doctors, nurses and staffs in the hospital. The product is highly useful in quarantine facilities. The Department of Science and Technology has released Rs 1 crore to manufacture the product in a larger scale. Around 1,000 of them are to be produced soon.

The technology was developed under “NIDHI PRAYAS” programme of Department of Science and Technology.


The Scitech Airon machine creates negatively charged ions. These ions form clusters around viruses, bacteria and other airborne molds. They then render them inactive through chemical reactions by creating Hydroxyl radicals (OH) groups. Apart from pathogens, the machine also decomposes harmful pollutants such as Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide, etc.


There is lack of support in the early stages of prototyping in the country/ This causes many innovators to lose interest in the early stages. PRAYAS is Promoting and Accelerating Young and Aspiring technology entrepreneurs. It is one of the 9 programmes launched to turn the ideas of young innovators into proof of concepts.


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