National Workshop on HeatWave 2020

The National Workshop on Preparedness, Mitigation and Management of Heat Wave was inaugurated in Bengaluru, Karnataka on December 5th. This 2 day workshop is being jointly organised by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and the state government of Karnataka. The workshop will see the participation of NDMA members, officials, experts from various fields like forecasting agencies, early warning centres, heat waves, etc., research institutions, state governments, civil society members etc. The workshop will cover topics like effect of climate change, inter-agency cooperation, observations from past heat wave events, emerging technologies for tackling the issue, etc.

Heat wave is a severe weather event that has been increasing in frequency and intensity in countries like India. In 2018, only 19 states were effected but the year 2019 saw heat wave events in 23 states. In many cities, the temperature exceeded the 45 degree Celsius mark.

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