Co-WIN introduces 4-digit security code

The Ministry of Health recently announced that a new security feature is being added to the Co-WIN software. Co-WIN is COVID-19 Vaccine Intelligence Network.

What is the new security feature?

  • The Health Ministry has recently added a four-digit security code to the CO-WIN software.
  • When a person books vaccination slots on Co-WIN platform, he or she will get a four-digit security code.
  • The code should be produced at the vaccination centre.
  • The code will also be mentioned on the digital certificate.
  • The new security feature is only for those who have done an online booking for vaccination.
  • The code is also printed on the appointed acknowledgement slip. It shall be saved and shown from mobile.


The Health Ministry recently agreed that there has been data entry error in marking people who have booked vaccination slots as “Vaccinated”. Several users complained that they received notification of vaccination dose administered to them even when they missed their appointments made in Co-WIN.

About Co-WIN

  • The Co-WIN platform handles the COVID-19 immunisation of the country. This includes registering beneficiaries, sending them text messages, allocating vaccination centres and also live monitoring of vials in cold storage.
  • This platform was earlier used for conducting Pulse Polio Programme.
  • It is owned by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Also, it is supported by the National Informatics Centre.
  • The Co-WIN application helps in monitoring and tracking the inoculation drive.
  • The app also helps in tracking the listed beneficiaries on a real time basis.


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