Army to procure Mobile Integrated Network Terminal (MINT) systems

The Indian army is all set to procure Made in India “Mobile Integrated Network Terminal (MINT)” systems providing a huge boost to the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan of the government.  The MINT system will enhance the operational communication capability of the Indian Army in accordance with the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan.


The Ministry of defence highlighted that; Indian Army is in the process of procuring the MINT systems under the Make II Category of DAP 2020. This system is a portable, lightweight, state of art integrated communication solution comprising of the satellite backhaul and wireless access system to provide the support voice, video and data.

‘Make-II’ category

The ‘Make-II’ category projects which comprises of the prototype development of system, equipment, platform or their upgrades. Such projects are ‘Industry Funded’. the projects could also comprise of the sub-systems or sub-assembly or assemblies or components of the developing systems. This category of the project provides for a focus on the import substitution and innovative solutions. For prototype development purposes under this category, no government funding is provided.

How the contract will be finalised?

As per the evaluation of response submitted by Indian Industry total of eleven firms were issued the Project Sanction Order on March, 12 2021. These firms will not develop the prototype.  Following this, Contract will be placed with one of the firms after they successfully develop the prototype in accordance with the provisions of Buy (Indian-IDDM) of DAP 2020.

Buy (Indian-IDDM) category

It refers to the acquisition of products of the Indian vendor who have indigenously designed, developed and manufactured the product with a minimum of 50 per cent Indigenous Content. The indigenous content is used on the cost basis of base contract price which is the total contract price minus the taxes and duties.


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