Chakshu: Digital Platform to Combat Fraudulent Calls and Messages

In a significant move to protect citizens from financial fraud, the Indian government has launched a digital platform called Chakshu. Developed by the Department of Telecommunication, this platform enables individuals to report fraudulent calls and text messages, creating a robust defense against faceless criminals who use technology to deceive and rob people of their money.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is also working on developing an app for Chakshu, further expanding its accessibility and reach.

Simplifying the Reporting Process

Chakshu simplifies the process of reporting fraud calls and messages, making it easier for citizens to take action against such criminal activities. Once a report is received, the platform triggers a re-verification process, and if the number fails the verification, it will be disconnected. This streamlined approach ensures swift action against fraudsters, minimizing the potential for financial losses.

Real-time Intelligence Sharing

One of the key features of Chakshu is its ability to facilitate real-time intelligence sharing among various stakeholders, including telecom companies, law enforcement agencies, banks, financial institutions, social media platforms, and authorities issuing identity documents. This collaborative approach enables a more effective and coordinated response to fraudulent activities, reducing the chances of criminals escaping detection.

Addressing the Need for Fraud Protection

The launch of Chakshu comes at a time when numerous instances of fraud have been reported, with criminals impersonating bank or government officials to trick individuals into updating their personal and financial details. By providing a centralized platform for reporting such incidents, Chakshu empowers citizens to take proactive steps in safeguarding their financial security.

Chakshu as an Information Exchange Hub

In addition to serving as a reporting platform, Chakshu will act as an information exchange and coordination agency among various stakeholders. The platform will contain information regarding cases detected as misuse of telecom resources, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of fraudulent activities and facilitating targeted actions to combat them.

Integration with Sanchar Saathi

Chakshu will function as a backend repository for citizen-initiated requests on the Sanchar Saathi platform. Sanchar Saathi enables individuals to track or block lost mobile phones and report instances of identity theft. Since its launch, the platform has helped trace more than 700,000 mobile phones, detect over 6.7 million suspicious communication attempts, and save individuals ₹1,000 crore in potential losses.

Launch of Chakshu facility underscores commitment of DoT to empower citizens and fostering a secure digital ecosystem.



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