Cabinet approves India-Japan MoU on cyber Security

On October 7 2020 the Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the Memorandum of Understanding signed between India and Japan on cyber security.


The MoU aims to enhance cooperation between the countries in the area of cyberspace and share information on cyber security. A joint mechanism is to be developed under the agreement to mitigate cyber threats and enhance the security of information communication technology infrastructure in the countries.


The digital economy of India comprises of 14 to 15 percentage of the total economy. India aims to increase this to 20% by 2024. There are more than 120 recognised data centres in India. In 2013, India launched National Cyber Security Policy and thereby became one of the few countries in the world to have such a policy.

In 2016, the banks of the country announced that the details of at least 3.2 million debit cards were leaked. Therefore, it is important for India to update it cyber security measures and infrastructure. The updation can be achieved through joint cooperation with foreign countries that possess well established cyber security measures.

Cyber security in India

Unlike Singapore, UK and US where the cybersecurity is dealt under a single umbrella organisation, India has 36 different central bodies. Most of the Indian Ministries have their own strategies and reporting structures in regard to cybersecurity. Every state government has its own CERT.


It is computer emergency response team. It operates under Ministry of Electronics and information technology. It is the nodal agency that deals with cyber security threats, phishing and hacking.


Australia is another country where India has  established huge cyber security cooperation. This includes critical infrastructure protection, trade enhancement and 5G network.

In August 2020, Australia pledged to invest 1.67 billion USD in next 10 years under its Cybersecurity Strategy 2020. The fund allocated is to be used to protect vulnerable, critical infrastructure and combat against Cyber crimes.

Way Forward

India is currently formulating National Cyber security strategy 2020 that is to be implemented for 5 years.


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