Budget 2020: 99,300 crores and 3,000 crores allocated for Education and Skill Development

The Budget 2020 was presented at the Parliament under three themes. One of the themes is Aspirational India. The Education and Skills is a Sub theme of Aspirational India. The other two sub themes of Aspirational India are

  • Agriculture, Rural Development and Irrigation
  • Health, Water and Sanitation

The GoI believes that there is a need for greater inflow of fund towards the education sector to absorb more talented teachers, innovate and build better labs. Therefore, the budget has been framed in such a way to allow the education sector encourage commercial borrowings and FDI to deliver higher quality education.

The Budget 2020-21 has allocated funds for the following

Higher Education Institutes

Over 150 Higher Education institutes will start apprenticeship embedded degree diploma courses by March 2021.

Internship by ULD

The Budget allocated funds for the Urban Local Bodies to provide internship opportunities to the local youths, especially fresh engineers for a period of 1 year. The man power of local bodies is also limited. This move hence will help address both the problems.

Online Education Portal

To provide high quality education and for the deprived sections of the society that do not have access to higher education, the budget proposes to start online education portal. In order to maintain the quality of the courses uploaded in the portal, only top 100 institutes of the country will be allowed to conduct courses in the portal. The institutes were ranked under National Institutional Ranking Framework.

Study in India Programme-“INDSAT” Exam proposed

Under Study in India Programme, INDSAT exam has been proposed in Asian and African countries. This will help to benchmark foreign candidates receiving scholarships to study in India.

National Police and Forensic Science Universities to be established

The Budget has allocated funds to establish National Police University and National Forensic Universities. They will focus on the domains of policing science, forensic science and cyber forensics.

Doctors’ inadequacy addressed

The Budget proposes medical colleges to be established along with district hospitals in PPP mode to address the problem of lack of qualified medical doctors. The states that are willing to allocate land and address the issue will be provided with viability gap funding to construct the colleges.


The Budget Allocated fund to increase the number of DNB (Diplomate in National Board) and FNB (Fellowship in National Board) professionals. The exams for these medicine graduates are conducted by National Board of Examinations. The DNBs are trained at private hospitals and medical colleges.

There is huge demand for teacher, para medical staffs, nurses and care givers in the foreign countries. The Budget proposes to the Ministry of Health and skill development together to create a bridge course in preparing Indian citizens for those jobs.


The Budget has allocated 99,300 crores of rupees for the education sector. Also, it allocated 3,000 crores for skill development.


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