BRICS call for Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism

14th BRICS Summit was concluded on June 26, 2022 under the chair-ship of Chinese President Xi Jinping. India was led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Two-day summit was concluded with the Beijing Declaration.

About Beijing Declaration

  • Beijing declaration notes that, BRICS countries support talks between Ukraine and Russia.
  • The declaration further stated that, terrorism should not be associated with any religion, civilisation, nationality, or ethnic group.
  • According to the declaration, BRICS High-level Dialogue is an opportunity for deepening cooperation on fight against COVID-19, resilience & stability of industrial & supply chains, digital transformation, and low-carbon development.

Agenda of the meeting

  • During the summit, the leaders discussed about the humanitarian situation in and around Ukraine.
  • They expressed support for United Nations, Red Cross and UN agencies to provide humanitarian assistance.
  • 14th BRICS summit called to finalise and adopt Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism within the framework of UN.
  • Member states also called for policy coordination, in order to recover from economic losses amid COVID-19 pandemic.
  • They further agreed to promote consumer protection in e-commerce, as well as strengthen cooperation & exchanges in trade in services.
  • Discussions were held in the fields of Counter-Terrorism, Trade, Environment, Health, Traditional Medicine, Science, Technology and Innovation.

India at the Summit

India was led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the summit, PM highlighted the development partnership of India with Africa, South East Asia and Central Asia, as well as from Pacific to Caribbean. He noted India’s focus on a free, open, inclusive, and rules-based maritime space. India has respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries from Indian Ocean Region to Pacific Ocean. He further noted the significance of circular economy and invited citizens of member countries to join Lifestyle for Environment (LIFE) campaign. He asked for mutual cooperation among BRICS member countries. He also called to strengthen BRICS Identity and proposed to set up an Online Database for BRICS documents and BRICS Railways Research Network.

BRICS Start-up event

India will organise BRICS Start-up event in 2022, to strengthen connection between Start-ups in BRICS countries.



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