Border Security Force (BSF) starts ‘Ops alert’ exercise

India is to celebrate its 74th republic day on January 26, 2023. Several anti–national elements try to cause trouble in the country during such nationwide celebrations. To put them under control and to increase security at the border, the BSF is conducting a seven-day long exercise called the “OPS ALERT”. During the exercise, the security personnel will hold drills in the India – Pakistan border that extends between Rann of Kutch and Sir Creek and also in the Barmer district of Rajasthan. The border is highly vulnerable in these regions.

About OPS ALERT exercise

  • The BSF will conduct reconciliation programs with the Indian residents in the border
  • Various verifications and validities will be held
  • Regions such as Harami Nala and Entire creek will be focused

Why Sir Creek?

Sir Creek is a disputed maritime boundary. The creek is a narrow waterway. It is a marshland along the shore.

Significance of Sir Creek

India and Pakistan fought over Sir Creek in 1965. The creek is one of the largest fishing grounds in the world. Also, there is a possible occurrence of oil and gas reserves in the region. It is home to migratory birds and flamingos with good tourism potential.

India follows the THALWEG principle in the dispute

In the THALWEG principle, if there is a water body between two countries, then the center of the water body should be taken as the border. Thalweg principle is an International Maritime Law.



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