Bharat Block-chain Network and Polyversity Metaverse

On June 6, 2022, the Information Data Systems (IDS) launched Bharat Blockchain Network which is an Academic Blockchain Consortium & Polyversity which is an Educational Metaverse.


  • Bharat Blockchain Network and Polyversity was launched in the presence of Minister for Education Dharmendra Pradhan and AICTE officials during an event organised at AICTE Auditorium.
  • This event was organised to reskill or upskill one crore students in emerging technologies.

Who is building the Bharat Blockchain Network?

The Bharat Blockchain Network (BBN) is being developed by Information Data Systems. It is India’s Nationwide hybrid blockchain Network, that is visioned to enable blockchain projects of academic interest across Issuance of verifiable credentials, Governance, Student transfer & Audit Trail along National Education Policy 2020 (NEP-2020) and Skill badges. IDS is working with more than 100 academic partners.

What is Polyversity?

Polyversity is the Largest Educational Metaverse in India, with more than 100 Academic Partners. They are establishing virtual campuses for making education more accessible, meaningful and immersive. In Polyversity, Land parcels will be assigned to academic partners.

Support of AICTE

Both the initiatives are supported by AICTE and are powered by IDS. Support of AICTE reaffirms the sense of national importance, which will be delivered through this Blockchain consortium. IDS seeks to skill 500,000 students in blockchain technology. Polyversity Metaversity and IDS is in lines with 260 New Digital Universities, which are being planned to increase Gross enrolment ratio and enable skilled workforce in accordance with NEP-2020.

About IDS

IDS is a multinational corporation, which is headquartered in Michigan. It provides services to Fortune 500 clients in various industries since 1996. It is a leader in enterprise blockchain technology as well as a leading provider of training in emerging technologies like Cyber Security, Blockchain, AI/ML, and cloud. Clients of IDS include governments, schools, universities, logistics companies and pharmaceutical and medical offices. IDS is one of 7 Hyperledger Training Partners and one of world’s only 17 Hyperledger Certified Service Providers.



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