Banking, Finance & Economy Current Affairs Quiz -February 6,2023

1. How many crore rupees were issued by the Indore Municipal Corporation as secured, redeemable NCDs?

[A] 250
[B] 244
[C] 234
[D] 267

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2. Which bank has recently implemented the first phase of the RBI’s digital currency?

[A] Kotak Mahindra Bank
[B] Axis Bank

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3. What year did the FAME scheme initiate?

[A] 2015
[B] 2016
[C] 2017
[D] 2018

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4. What is the prime focus of India’s BIND (Broadcasting Infrastructure and Network Development) Scheme?

[A] To improve the quality of broadcast content for private satellite stations
[B] To increase the number of channels available on DTH
[C] To promote society-related programs through public service broadcasting
[D] To expand the reach of All India Radio to 80% of the population

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5. Which of the following General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) initiatives was not launched by GA-ASI in India after the launch of the India-US initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology (iCET)?

[A] Partnership with 114ai to create next-gen AI technologies
[B] Partnership with the Indian start-up 3rdiTech in the field of semiconductors
[C] Partnership with a sports company to promote physical fitness
[D] Partnership with Bharat Forge Limited in the field of aerostructure manufacturing

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