Ban on King James Version of the Bible

A district in the US state of Utah has recently implemented a ban on the presence of the King James Version of the Bible in the libraries of elementary and middle schools, triggering intense discussions and disagreements. The decision has raised concerns about freedom of expression and religious texts in educational settings.

Utah’s Ban on the King James Version of the Bible

The authorities have decided to prohibit the presence of the King James Version of the Bible in elementary and middle school libraries. The primary reason cited for this ban is the inclusion of elements deemed as “vulgarity or violence” within the text.

Exception for High School Students

While the ban affects elementary and middle schools, high school students are still permitted to access the Bible in their libraries. This exception acknowledges the advanced maturity and comprehension levels of older students.

The Challenged Version and Future Requests

It is crucial to note that the ban specifically targets the King James Version, published in 1611. Other translations of the Bible remain unaffected by this restriction. However, the controversy doesn’t end there. The Davis school district, serving approximately 72,000 students, has already started receiving requests to ban additional religious texts. In particular, a complaint has been lodged against the Book of Mormon, which serves as the foundational text of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a prominent religious sect in Utah.

Understanding the Utah Law

The ban on the Bible and the broader context of book censorship in Utah are rooted in a specific law enacted last year. This legislation prohibits the presence of “pornographic or indecent” books in schools. It emerged as a response to conservative parents’ concerns regarding books addressing themes of sexual and racial identity. Notable works like Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye and Maia Kobabe’s Gender Queer have already been banned under this law.




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