Assam announced Covid Relief Package for helpers, drivers & priests

Assam government has announced COVID relief package for helpers, drivers and priests.

Key Points

  • Under the relief package, drivers and helpers of privately operated buses will be getting one-time relief of Rs 10,000.
  • Priests of the temple and head of Namghars (Vaishnavite place of worship) will be getting Rs 15,000 each.
  • Government is also contemplating a relief package for people who are associated with tent house business, cultural fields and street vendors.

Other key decisions by government

  • On completion of 100 days at office, chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma pointed that, state government has made it mandatory to teach history and geography in schools.
  • Allocation under the Orunodoi scheme is the largest initiatives for women empowerment. Allocation has been increased from Rs 830 per month to Rs 1000 per family.
  • This scheme seeks to alleviate financial problem of improvised families by providing them substantial income support.

Allocation for drivers

Because of closure of inter-district movement in past three-month, long-distance buses are not playing. As a result, driver and helper are facing financial hardship. Thus, an amount of Rs 10000 will be provided to each of them. This benefit will reach to some 60,000 people.

Covid-cases in Assam

According to the chief minister, state government has effectively controlled the second wave of COVID-19 and is prepared for the third wave. In last 99 days around 1.22 Crore doses of vaccine have been administered amount to 1.5 lakh per day. Positivity rate in state has also come down to one percent and less.


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