Archeological Significance of Benisagar

Benisagar, a village located 85 kilometers from Jharkhand’s West Singhbhum district, is a treasure trove of historical wonders. Excavated by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), this site has revealed continuous habitation from the fifth century A.D. to the 16-17 century A.D. The archaeological significance of Benisagar has earned it a place on the prestigious list of 100 prominent archaeological monuments curated by the ASI.

Colonel Tickell’s First Encounter: A Historical Journey

The history of Benisagar dates back to 1840 when Colonel Tickell of the British Army first visited the site. His exploration sparked interest in the region’s ancient past, setting the stage for further investigations by historians and archaeologists.

The Enigmatic Stone Seal: A Linguistic Puzzle

One of the most intriguing discoveries at Benisagar is a stone seal bearing the inscription “Priyangu Dheyam Chatuvidya (Chaturvidya).” The inscription, written in the ancient Sanskrit language, has puzzled scholars and researchers, hinting at the presence of a knowledgeable individual named Priyangu well-versed in the four Vedas.

Historical Period and Temple Architecture: A Glimpse into the Past

Based on epigraphic evidence, the website of the Archaeological Survey of India places Benisagar in the 5th century. Additionally, the temple architecture found at the site bears resemblance to the Rekha Deula type, which is prevalent in Odisha, suggesting possible historical connections.

A Musical Stone: The Bell-Like Sound

One of the most remarkable features of Benisagar is a massive stone near the temple that produces a bell-like sound when struck by another stone. The unique acoustic property of this stone has intrigued locals and visitors alike, making it a notable attraction.

The Union Government’s Tourism Plans: Modern Amenities for Ancient Sites

In line with its efforts to promote cultural heritage and tourism, the Union Government plans to provide necessary facilities at archaeological monuments across the country. These facilities include an audiovisual center, WiFi, Audiorail, and a Water Management System, aimed at enhancing the visitor experience at sites like Benisagar.

The Everlasting Pond: Nature’s Masterpiece

The special attraction of Benisagar lies in a magnificent pond, measuring 300 by 350 meters, which never dries up. This remarkable natural wonder stands as a testament to the enduring power of nature and adds to the charm of the archaeological site.



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