The Ajrak block printed shawls of the Sindh region found mention in the Prime Minister’s Mann ki Baat 2.0 address.

  • What is Ajrak?

Ajrak is a unique block printed shawl which is considered as a symbol of Sindhi culture and tradition. It is made using the process called woodblock printing. Its use ranges from turbans for men and shawls for women to even makeshift swings for children.

  • Where did Ajrak originate from?

The Ajrak block printed shawl originated in the Sindh regions of India and Pakistan. In the 9th episode of Mann ki Baat, the PM narrated the story of Ismail Khatri of Gujarat’s Kutch region who nurtured Ajrak printing- his traditional art form.

  • What colors are predominantly used in the Ajraks?

The Ajrak prints predominantly make use of deep indigo and rich crimson. The prints are made from natural dyes. Indigo is a major plant dye used for this. Other vegetal dyes and mineral dyes are also used.

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