Pusa Yashasvi is a new potential variety of Wheat

The Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) has released a new potential blockbuster wheat variety  –  Pusa Yashasvi (HD-3226) – for planting in the upcoming rabi crop season. The new variety has high genetic yield potential at 79.6 quintals as compared to other varieties of wheat. It is highly resistant to all rusts and Karnal bunt, besides other fungal pathogen diseases such as flag smut, powdery mildew and foot rot. The HD-3326 also has higher content of protein and gluten (which contributes to strength and elasticity of the dough), apart from more zinc (at 36.8 parts per million, as against 34.8 for HD-3086 and 36 for HD-2967) and good chapatti, bread and biscuit quality.

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