Airtel and Amazon Web Services partner to provide cloud solutions to businesses

Bharti Airtel Limited and Amazon Web Services, the cloud-based services arm of Amazon, have announced a strategic partnership to provide a basket of clod solutions to the large, small and medium businesses in the country.

Details of the Partnership

As per the terms of this partnership, both the companies will bring together their capabilities to offer the consumers cloud-based services at a large and integrated scale. This is aimed at developing products that secure remote working which many organizations are yet to take seriously. Airtel is going to build an AWS Cloud Practice supported by the experience of Amazon and develop Airtel Cloud products leveraging the AWS Cloud Solutions.

Significance of the Agreement

With this deal, Airtel is going to get into direct competition with Reliance Jio which entered into a similar partnership with Microsoft. The market is experiencing a surge in public demand. As per the report by the BCG, the public cloud market in India should reach $8 billion by the year 2023. It was only $2.6 billion in 2019. This means the cloud-based infrastructure in the country is seeing a surge.

Other Similar Initiatives by Airtel

Airtel is the largest player in India in the B2B connectivity space and it has also launched a video conferencing service, Airtel Bluejeans, in partnership with US-based Company Verizon Wireless. This service has been implemented for enterprises and will be extended to the individuals also in the near future.

Airtel serves more than 2500 large and over one million small and medium companies and startups with all the initiatives. The company will offer bundled services along with broadband and internet plans to the enterprises to tap the market. The company has also outlined a digital strategy in this regard to monetizing demand across its digital assets from the quality customers.


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