Agreement between Russia and China on Notification of Launches of Ballistic Missiles and Space Missile Carriers

Recently, Chinese State Councilor and Defence Minister General Wei Fenghe and Russian Defence Minister Sergi Shoigu signed a Protocol to extend the ‘Agreement between Russia and China on Notification on Launches of Ballistic Missiles and Space Missile Carriers’. The Agreement was signed in 2009 and is expiring in December 2020. The countries thus renewed the agreement extending its validity by ten more years. This protocol is expected to further deepen the comprehensive strategic coordination between the two countries.

About the Agreement

According to the agreement both the countries should notify each other before conducting ballistic missile test or space rocket launches. This is done to express deep trust between the countries. The end result of the agreement is that it ensures strategic stability in the Eurasian supercontinent. This makes the international relations peaceful.

Without the agreement situation of “Security Dilemma” might arise between the countries.

What is Security Dilemma?

According to the international relations scholars, when neighbour countries launch missile tests or rocket launches without informing one another, risks of distrust. In such scenario, even a non-hostile defensive action of one country might look threatening to the other. This situation of risks of escalating distrust is “Security Dilemma”.


China and Russia Missile Attack Early Warning System is nearing completion, the system is supported by the Tundra Satellites of Russia. It is based in Voronezh modular ground-based radar stations set up in Chinese Territory. The system provides advanced information about potential incoming missiles, speed, trajectory and time to target. China and Russia had recently signed 60 million USD contract to develop a new software for the system.

The cooperation between China and Russia in the areas of Missiles can be traced to 2016 when the countries began the Aerospace Security military exercise. It is a computer-simulated missile defence drill.


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