Affordable and Portable Device to Detect COVID 19 Developed by IIT-Kharagpur

A team of researchers from the IIT Kharagpur has developed an affordable and portable test in order to detect COVID 19 infection. The test can be conducted in an ultra-low-cost portable enclosure as an alternative to specialized laboratory equipment. The same portable unit can be used for a large number of tests on mere replacement of the paper cartridge after each test.

It has been observed that the device can produce accurate results compared to standard RT-PCR tests. The test will cost less than Rs 400 for each testing and that also after including all components of expenses and business model into account.

How will it be useful?

The testing technologies currently in use are expensive; despite the innovations in low-cost testing kits, the actual testing machinery cost remains very high. The logistical issues are also there in such cases. This alternative developed now by the IIT Kharagpur has tried to solve this issue only by including a disruptive approach leading to a new technology and testing process.

The technology involved comprises a disposable sample paper-strip for chemical analysis and visualization of results. The detection procedure in the test has also been validated properly by the team of researchers.

They have actually followed all established laboratory controls against the benchmarked results obtained from RT-PCR machine, using synthetic viral RNA, while validating the test results.


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