Aditya – L1 Solar Mission

The Indian Space Research Organization is working on a space project that will study the sun. The name of the project is Aditya L1. Recently, the ISRO chairman announced that the spacecraft is to be launched in June or July this year. The Aditya spacecraft will study solar magnetic storms and the impact of the solar atmosphere on the earth.

About Aditya L1

  • The spacecraft is to study the following:
    • Solar Winds: These winds are created due to the expansion of the sun’s plasma
    • Photosphere and Chromosphere of the sun
    • Corona of the sun
    • Energetic particles of the sun

Aditya will study corona heating

Coronal Heating: Scientists are yet to find the solution to the million-dollar question. Why the temperature of the sun’s corona is a million kelvins, but the temperature of its core is only thousands of kelvin? This is generally called the corona heating problem. The spacecraft will help Indian space scientists find solutions to the coronal heating problem.

Aditya will study coronal magnetometry

The outermost layer of the sun is called Corona. The corona has ionized plasma. These ions carry magnetic fields around them. This makes the corona magnetic. The study of the magnetic field in the corona of the sun is called coronal magnetometry.



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