25th Director General of Indian Coast Guard

DG Rakesh Pal has assumed the position of the 25th Director General of the Indian Coast Guard (ICG), bringing along a vast reservoir of knowledge and proficiency.

Education and Early Career

DG Rakesh Pal received his education from the prestigious Indian Naval Academy, laying the foundation for his future in the Indian Coast Guard. In January 1989, he joined the Coast Guard, embarking on a journey dedicated to safeguarding India’s coastal areas and maritime interests.

Specializations and Recognition

DG Rakesh Pal has undergone specialized training in Gunnery & Weapons Systems and Electro-Optics Fire Control Solution. His dedication to honing his skills and knowledge has earned him the recognition of being the First Gunner of the ICG, a testament to his expertise in the field.

Key Appointments and Command

Throughout his distinguished career, DG Rakesh Pal has held several pivotal positions within the Indian Coast Guard. Notable among them are his appointments as Commander Coast Guard Region (North West), Deputy Director General (Policy & Plans), and Additional Director General Coast Guard. These key roles highlight his leadership and strategic vision in shaping the operations of the ICG.

Commanding ICG Ships

DG Rakesh Pal’s vast sea experience includes commanding various classes of ICG ships. He has successfully led missions aboard ICGS Samarth, ICGS Vijit, ICGS Sucheta Kriplani, ICGS Ahalyabai, and ICGS C-03. His command of these vessels demonstrates his ability to navigate and manage complex maritime situations.

Accomplishments and Contributions

During his tenure, DG Rakesh Pal has achieved significant milestones in ensuring maritime security and safety. These accomplishments include successful seizures of drugs and narcotic substances, executing rescue operations amidst severe cyclonic storms, conducting joint exercises with foreign coast guards, combating illegal poaching activities, providing humanitarian assistance during calamities, and overseeing coastal security exercises. His leadership and expertise have played a crucial role in safeguarding India’s coastal regions.

Recognitions and Awards

DG Rakesh Pal’s illustrious service has been honored with prestigious awards. In 2013, he was conferred with the Tatrakshak Medal, followed by the President Tatrakshak Medal in 2018. These accolades reflect his outstanding contributions and commitment to the Indian Coast Guard.



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