20th Foundation Day of NIXI

The National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) recently celebrated its 20th Foundation Day, marking a significant milestone in its journey of building India’s internet infrastructure. As a not-for-profit (Section 8) company operating under the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY), NIXI has played a pivotal role in creating a robust and inclusive digital ecosystem in the country. With four business divisions, NIXI has made remarkable contributions to Internet Exchange, .IN Registry, IRINN, and NIXI-CSC Data Services Ltd.  

Establishment and Anniversary 

NIXI was established on June 19, 2003. It recently celebrated its 20th Foundation Day, recognizing two decades of dedicated service in the field of internet infrastructure development in India. This significant anniversary showcases NIXI’s enduring commitment to its mission. 

Foundation Day Lecture on Digital Transformation  

The recently held NIXI Foundation Day Lecture focused on the thought-provoking topic, ‘Digital Transformation: Need for India and the Globe.’ This lecture highlighted the importance of embracing digital transformation to empower both India and the global community. 

Association with MeitY 

NIXI operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY). This association reflects the government’s recognition of the crucial role played by NIXI in increasing internet penetration and adoption in India. 

Services Under NIXI 

NIXI encompasses four important services to fulfill its mission. These services include Internet Exchange, which focuses on building Internet Exchange Points, the .IN Registry, which aims to develop the .in domain digital identity, IRINN, which promotes the adoption of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, and NIXI-CSC Data Services Ltd., which provides data storage services. 

Organizational Structure 

NIXI operates as a not-for-profit (Section 8) company, emphasizing its commitment to public service and societal welfare. This structure enables NIXI to effectively manage and utilize the internet ecosystem for the benefit of netizens. 

Mission of Empowering Netizens 

NIXI’s overarching mission is to empower netizens by increasing internet penetration, adoption, and inclusivity. By facilitating infrastructure aspects and promoting the internet ecosystem, NIXI strives to provide access and opportunities to individuals across the nation. 



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